17 Unique Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything 

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We know just how frustrating it can be; trying to find the perfect gift. Especially for a man, what do you even buy him?

That's why Devlin's have put together this collection just for you - you're sure to find the perfect men's gift here

Whether you're looking for someone who's a little more classic, someone who's really passionate or someone who likes something a bit different we've got you covered.

Speaking of being covered; Devlin's will also cover the shipping costs on any order over $100. And on ALL orders we offer complimentary gift wrapping (with our stylish gold paper and chocolate brown ribbon to "man up" the gift). Add a comment at check out and we'll hand write it in a card as well.

And if it all still seems a bit daunting just give us a call and we'll help. Our number is 1300 388 830 and we're open until 8pm Monday - Saturday and 5pm on Sunday.

Riedel Amadeo Decanter
Riedel is the same age as Mozart! Released in 2006 the Amadeo decanter was a nod towards the 250th anniversary of Riedel and Mozart's birthday. This beautiful Riedel decanter is...
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Riedel O Cabernet/Merlot Gift Pack 4 ...
  WHAT IT IS: The ultimate starter set for red wine lovers this box set contains 4 of Riedel's famous stemless glasses in their Cabernet/Merlot varietal plus the classically styled Riedel...
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Lamy Scala Fountain Pen Matte Black
Over two years of design went in to this Lamy pen. The Scala Lamy pen was designed with careful consideration between Lamy and The Sieger Design company, one of the...
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Riedel Sommelier Wine Glass - Burgund...
 This glass was described by Decanter magazine as "The finest Burgundy glass of all time" The shape of this glass is glorious not only to experience but also to behold...
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Lamy 2000 Ballpoint Brushed Stainless...
The only pen the manager of this website will use! "I love my Lamy 2000, the brushed stainless steel, the mirrored clip, it's an awesome pen that gets compliments when...
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Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen Palladium
THE WORLD'S FIRST RETRACTABLE FOUNTAIN PEN The third, and final, in the Dialog series the Dialog 3 reimagines the fountain pen in it's first ever retractable form.  Created by Swiss designer Franco Clivio a precisely engineered ball valve...
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Lamy Pico Ballpoint Matte Black
A stylish black Lamy pen that tucks away in your pocket. The Pico uses a unique, telescoping, mechanism. This pen springs out with a simple push to become a full sized ballpoint. When closed it is...
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Lamy Studio Black Fountain Pen
LAMY studio Lx all black. The special elegance of the LAMY studio demonstrates just how close design and art can be. The propeller-shaped clip accents the pen’s innovative form. Matt...
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Riedel O Oaked Chardonnay 2 Pack
These extra wide Chardonnay Riedel Glasses really opens up the flavours. Stemless for style and functionality. The 'O' Series of Riedel glasses are a modern take on the classic and...
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Riedel Sommelier Wine Glass - Bordeau...
When Jesus changed water in to wine he definitely would have used a Riedel Sommelier glass. The large bowl (capacity 900 ml) of these Riedel glasses brings out the full...
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Riedel Vinum Cognac/Brandy
The Brandy Balloon refined by Riedel. The traditional brandy balloon seems like a very simple design how ever the true craftsmanship is in the empty spaces. The wide bodied helps...
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Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whisky 2 pack
You'll get some odd looks when they see this glass. And some shocked looks when they taste how much better their whiskey is. In early 1992, a panel of Scotch...
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