Riedel Sommelier Wine Glass - Burgundy Gran Cru

Riedel Sommelier Wine Glass - Burgundy Gran Cru


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 This glass was described by Decanter magazine as "The finest Burgundy glass of all time"

The shape of this glass is glorious not only to experience but also to behold - so much so that it was given a permanent display in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Known as the "mother" of Riedel glasses, this 'beautiful monster' of a glass can take apart a lesser wine, mercilessly showing up its weaknesses. But a great wine will be revealed in all its glory

The curled lip of this wine glass precisely delivers the liquid on to the front of the palate where sweetness is experienced, certain wines and grape varieties require this type of controlled delivery.

By ensuring that the fruit is highlighted while using the marked acidity of the wine to keep the flavours in balance, this is a glass that produces a superbly three-dimensional 'taste picture'.

Claus J Riedel was the first designer to suggest that it was the shape of the glass that played such a pivotal role in the flavour of the wine. More than 50 years in the making the Sommelier range of Riedel glasses is the pinacle of this design philosophy. 

Each glass is hand blown from the finest quality lead crystal - using techniques that are as old as glass itself the glassblowers create wafer thin bowls with precisely tailored depths, widths and rims. 

CAUTION: Once you use the Sommelier range no other glass will do. These glasses are not for a casual drink. These are tools for the most discerning wine connoisseur. 

All Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe.

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