Lamy Scribble Ballpoint Black/Palladium
The Lamy pen of choice for architects. The Lamy Scribble is made from a high density plastic body, sandblasted to give a textured and easily gripped surface. The bulbous body has been specifically designed with heavy use in mind,...
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Lamy Studio Ballpoint Imperial Blue
The Studio is a Lamy pen with a balance of clean elegance and modern style. The gently tapering, cigar shaped, body guides the fingers to a balanced writing position without compromising the aesthetics of the design. The eye catching...
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Lamy CP1 Ballpoint Pen, Brushed Stain...
The Lamy CP1 Ballpoint is a simple, easy to use and beautifully functional pen which contains a myriad of clever features. From the top down the spring loaded push button...
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LAMY AL-star Pacific Blue Ballpoint pen
The Lamy 2017 colour is here and they are stunning: a striking pacific blue offset with a silver clip and nib. Unlike the Safari's plastic body the Al-Star design uses anodized...
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Montegrappa Fortuna White ballpen RGP
Ruthenium, a rare component of platinum ore, creates stark contrast and sharp relief when paired with the striking gloss white on this ballpoint pen. The ruthenium clip is solid and features a...
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The York Gum Burl Bolt Action Pen
This handcrafted pen is made out of Curly York Gum! York gum is a small tree of reasonable form, from 5 to 15 m tall with diameter up to 0.6m....
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Montegrappa CA$H Ballpoint
With dollar sign adornments, the bling-bling-iest stone set into its top, the CA$H Pen is a wry look at the devil-may-care, if you’ve-got-it-flaunt-it excess of the world dancing to a...
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Lamy Scala Ballpoint Pen Blue-Black
The Scala Lamy pen was designed with careful consideration between Lamy and The Sieger Design company, one of the largest design firms in Europe.  Built using a stainless steel body coated...
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