Xikar Cigar Cases

Now your cigars can travel in style with the XIKAR Cigar Case. 

These cases have been carefully designed to provide optimum storage for your cigars whilst maintaing the attractive design you would expect from XIKAR.

Take the Envoy cigar case out for a night on the town and rest assured that your cigars are protected with the clever design that comes with every XIKAR product.

Need to carry more cigars? The Xikar pelican style cigar case has you covered. With models ranging from 5 to 50 sticks these will protect your cigars even on an international flight whilst maintaining humidity and 100% safety.

Cigar Case Leather 3 Finger Black
Each case is exquisite and handcrafted by a skilled artisan using traditional methods like as pressing leather over steel forms to get the curved shape. The delicate, strong stitching and...
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