The Devlin's Story

Simon Devlin gets in to the cigar business.

It was in Mexico where, as a young guy running party cruises, I was first given a cigar to try and quickly fell in love with the entire process. I realised there was an opportunity back in my home town of Perth so, in 1997, I began in the industry selling cigars to bottle shops and local bars.

I loved talking to

Interacting with customers, sharing the love for a Cuban, was my favourite part of the business so I decided to shift out of wholesale and opened our first store in London Court.

We opened in May and I would come in early every morning and stand there trying to attract the business men heading down to St George's Terrace. I had my first ever customer - Garth - who would become a close friend and my insurance guy. We also almost set fire to the shop once when enjoying a cigar in there!

"Which cigar is that?"

Standing outside a restaurant after dinner, puffing away, a dapper dressed man walked over and asked me what cigar I was smoking. That man was J Barrey Williams who would go on to become my mentor, who would introduce me to the people that would take Devlin's to the next level and would teach me how to wear a suit properly.

The back room in the WA Club.

One of J Barrey's many roles at the time was at the WA Club. One afternoon he took me to the back of the club and showed me a dusty room they were using to store chairs. He told me he wanted to open a cigar lounge and, soon after, Churchil's Cigar Club began.

Time for Store Number 2

In March 2003 business was going well. Id added some staff members to my team and, thanks to Churchill's, had formed many close friendships over a cigar. It was time to open a new store and so Devlin's in Subiaco was opened at the Colonnade. We had more space and added a big chesterfield couch to the store so customers could enjoy a cigar there.

The James Brown Chesterfield

James Brown was performing in Perth and popped in to the store to pick up some cigars. Perhaps because he just wanted some time to himself, perhaps because I had a beautiful sales assistant working that day, he ended up sitting in the chesterfield smoking cigars for the entire day.

From disaster an opportunity.

With changes in the laws about being able to enjoy a cigar inside we had to say goodbye to Churchill’s at the WA Club, our sanctuary to enjoy a cigar with friends. However, just on the other side of the road, an old furniture showroom was closing.

I saw an opportunity. I spoke to some of my best customers and told them my plan - to have a cigar lounge of our own right there in Subi. They thought it was a great idea and so, with my Founding Members, we took over that huge store. Out the back we built the Devlin's Private Members club. With all the space we now had I could finally create the showroom I always imagined. I set out to build a range of products for the gentleman who has everything.

I can't hire you,
you're not 18 yet.

In 2008 some young guy came knocking on our door asking for a job. The only problem was he was only 17. I told him I couldn't hire him but to come back when he was.

Cut to February 2009 and my brother, who at the time was managing the London Court store, told me this kid kept coming in asking for a job. Every Saturday he'd come in and ask again. So we hired him.

That kid, Josh or JMP for short, would go on to be my longest serving staff member and is now managing our online store.

Surprises in LA

Our business went from strength to strength and, in 2009, I was invited to attend the God of Fire Cigar Dinner in LA. Little did I know that Keith, the owner of God of Fire, had a surprise in store for me.

I got to the dinner and he asked me if I wouldn't mind getting up and saying a few words... at the very beginning of the dinner! Standing behind the podium he presented me with the God of Fire Double Corona (my favourite size) and I opened the dinner.

Let's go digital

In 2013 JMP left the London Court store and I tasked him with re-doing our online store. We built a website and started Devlins Online to showcase over a dozen brands. Our focus is helping you choose gifts for the hardest people to buy for.

Enter Laura

This bubbly young lady came bouncing in to her interview talking a mile a minute. I wasn't sure if she'd be great or terrible - but I knew I had to give her a shot! Fast forward 3 months and she was running our London Court store full time. Shortly after she became the head of our flagship store in Subiaco where she still is today.

Present Day

With over 20 years in business now, and a brand new website, I'm still focussed on that thing I loved: interacting with my customers and helping each person have a great experience.

We've got a huge range of products available now - glasses, pens, cufflinks, luggage, the list goes on. I encourage you to browse our store and remember we're here to help!

Here's to you. If it weren't for the great customers I've had over the years there would be no Devlin's.

Our Happy Customers


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