Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whisky 2 pack

Riedel Vinum Single Malt Whisky 2 pack


Hurry! Only 2 left.

You'll get some odd looks when they see this glass.

And some shocked looks when they taste how much better their whiskey is.

In early 1992, a panel of Scotch whisky experts convened at Riedel's headquarters in Austria to test a range of nineteen different glass shapes. On the basis of this first selection, Georg Riedel undertook further research with the help of master distillers in Scotland. 

This research resulted in this brand new design for the scotch glass. A complete reinvention. 

The design incorporates a small, slightly outturned lip which directs the spirit onto the tip of the tongue, where sweetness is perceived, and serves to emphasize the elegant creaminess of top quality single malt whisky.

Created by Georg J. Riedel in the late 1980's the Vinum line was specially crafted to offer an introduction to Riedel glasses at a lower price point. The Vinum line adheres to the strict quality and design rules of Riedel but by using advanced mechanical processes is rendered more affordable.

Gift boxed in pairs.

All Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe.

Find out more about Riedel glasses on www.riedel.com

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