Xikar 16oz Propylene Glycol - Solutio...
XIKAR's number one humidity solution. When it comes down to it it's this that makes all of the difference. Using only distilled water will let the humidity in your humidor...
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Xikar 8oz Propylene Glycol - Solution...
XIKAR knows best. When it comes down to it it's this that makes all of the difference. Using only distilled water will let the humidity in your humidor vary anywhere between 35% and 95% depending...
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2OZ Crystal Clear Humidifier Jar
Never worry about your humidor when you're away again. Heading away for work? Going on a holiday? Simply unscrew the lid of this crystal jar and throw it in your humidor to ensure that the humidity...
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Adjustable Digital Hygrometer
Keep an eye on your humidity - accurate to only TWO percent! These XIKAR hygrometers accurately measure and displayhumidity and degrees fahrenheit accurate to two percent.  Easy, one click, calibration and very careful construction have created a reliable...
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4OZ Crystal Humidifier Jar
Never worry about your humidor when you're away again. Heading away for work? Going on a holiday? Simply unscrew the lid of this crystal jar and throw it in your...
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Crystal 50 Humidity Regulator
XIKAR Humidifiers - how a humidor is meant to be run. Maintaining correct levels in your humidor is the most important thing. Nothing will do that better than a XIKAR crystal humidifier. The...
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Humistore 6X10 Humidification bag
XIKAR are the experts when it comes to humidity solutions. Taking some cigars out for a weekend away? Need a temporary solution whilst you reset your humidor? Look no further...
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XI1 Cigar Cutter Silver
Power, efficiency and ease of use. Everything you want in a cigar cutter. The XIKAR Xi1 cigar cutter is the one that started it all. The ergonomic shape was a revolution in guillotine design - letting you hold...
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ST Dupont Defi Extreme Gas
For a lighter of such high quality you have to use the right type of gas. ST Dupont have focussed on creating a cigar lighter that is functional, stylish and...
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Riedel Decanter Cleaner Beads
These tiny stainless steel pellets remove dirt, residue, sediment, and superficial stains from inside the decanter. Just fill the vessel half way up with water, add the pellets, and swish...
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Xikar XI2 Cigar Cutter Black/Noir
Rockwell Rating of 57 - The strongest blades you can buy! With the XI2 XIKAR have refined their classic cigar cutter and now present it in an affordable, accessible, model. The XI2 retains all...
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