These Montegrappa cufflinks are expertly designed for the ultimate blend of style and comfort.

Montegrappa use some of the finest materials in their construction - stainless steel bodies plated with precious metals like silver and rose gold. The faces are inlayed with a range of beautiful materials including onyx and tiger eye

The intelligent engineering shows through in the dramatic silhouette of the face and the balance of the arm. The curve of the arm makes sure your cuff stays perfectly closed without restricting movement and the pivoting cuff makes getting the cufflink on and off easy and fast.

Montegrappa NeroUno Cufflinks Gunmetal
The raw gunmetal plating gives the design of these Montegrappa cufflinks a chance to shine through. Modern style and a dramatic silhouette are the catch phrase of the Montegrappa NeroUno collection.  These cufflinks feature...
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