XI1 Cigar Cutter Silver
Power, efficiency and ease of use. Everything you want in a cigar cutter. The XIKAR Xi1 cigar cutter is the one that started it all. The ergonomic shape was a revolution in guillotine design - letting you hold...
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Xikar XI2 Cigar Cutter Black/Noir
Rockwell Rating of 57 - The strongest blades you can buy! With the XI2 XIKAR have refined their classic cigar cutter and now present it in an affordable, accessible, model. The XI2 retains all...
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Basic double bladed cigar cutter
Basic guillotine cutter for your cigar emergenices. Good for carrying out and about this cheaper cutter does the job right.
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Trezo Lighter Black
The Trezo cigar lighter features a brand new and unique design for triple jet lighters. The two side jets are angled in at 8 degrees to give you one wide,...
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Executive lighter Black
Precision lighting at a fraction of the cost. The updated Executive II cigar lighter builds on the classic design. The trigger is placed along the side of the lighter (keeping...
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007 Punch Cutter Silver
The solid brass body of this cutter makes it super reliable. The Xikar punch cigar cutter makes cutting your cigar effortless and foolproof. The blades, hardened to a Rockwell C rating of 57, slide...
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Xi2 Cutter Carbon Fiber Look
The Carbon Fibre look of this cutter reflects how light and strong it really is. With the XI2 XIKAR have refined their classic cigar cutter and now present it in an affordable, accessible, model....
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MTX Multi tool black
The tool for all occasions.  This is more than just a cigar cutter. The MTX Multitool has blades made from a hardened stainless steel which will cut a 54 ring...
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Devlin's 5 Stick Travel Humidor Yellow
This 5 Stick Travel Humidor by Xikar really has it all. Now you can carry your sticks in full confidence that they will arrive perfectly humidified and secured. Airtight... Watertight......
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Xikar Verano Lighter - Black
The Verano Flat Flame is hand held luxury, easy to use and elegantly simple. The Verano Flat Flame lighter provides the power of a double flame, breadth of a triple...
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Xikar Envoy Single Cigar Case Cognac
The Envoy cigar case will hold one, two or three cigars up to a 54 ring gauge comfortably. The body of this case is made by curing and folding a solid strip of spanish cedar in to the...
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Xikar Allume Lighter Black
The new Allume is a sleek, sexy and stylish single flame lighter. Don’t let its small size fool you; this lighter has been engineered for performance, strength and dependability. Its...
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