Lamy Pens - Dialog

The Dialog range represents a complete re-imagining of what makes a Lamy pen. 

True to their standard of form follows function Lamy has teamed up with architects, designers and engineers to recreate the ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen. Each Lamy pen takes the core functionality of the pen styles and then rebuilds it from the ground up

The construction and performance you would expect from a high quality pen these also feature innovations such as the worlds first retractable fountain pen.

Each of these are a limited edition and will not last.

Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen Palladium
THE WORLD'S FIRST RETRACTABLE FOUNTAIN PEN The third, and final, in the Dialog series the Dialog 3 reimagines the fountain pen in it's first ever retractable form.  Created by Swiss designer Franco Clivio a precisely engineered ball valve...
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