Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Gloss White
White, no frills, just a straight up perfect fountain pen. Wether you're buying this for the new student of calligraphy, an old friend who loves their fountain pens or someone who is just beginning their...
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Lamy Al-Star Fountain Pen Medium Blac...
Add a splash of colour to your day. The Al-Star Lamy pen has been carefully crafted to be a dream to write with. The moulded front section has three, distinct, 'grip points' to ensure you're always holding the...
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Lamy Safari Rollerball Transparent
LET THE WORLD SEE THE REAL YOU - TRANSPARENT BODY LAMY SAFARI The Lamy Safari keeps the classic styling of it's famous brother. The moulded front section featuring three, distinct, "grip points" to guide your...
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Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen Palladium
THE WORLD'S FIRST RETRACTABLE FOUNTAIN PEN The third, and final, in the Dialog series the Dialog 3 reimagines the fountain pen in it's first ever retractable form.  Created by Swiss designer Franco Clivio a precisely engineered ball valve...
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Lamy Al-Star Anodised Graphite Founta...
The clever design of this pen means you can write for hours. The Al-Star Lamy pen has been carefully crafted to be a dream to write with. The moulded front section has three, distinct, 'grip...
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Lamy Z61 0.7mm Lead Refill Mechanism
Add lead to your multi-pen.  The Z61 Lead Refill Mechanism fits all Lamy multi-pen versions and adds the functionality of a refillable pencil. Easy to insert simply replace any of...
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Church i-trio Ball Point Metallic Purple
The Church I trio pen works as a stylus, a ball point and has a special foam based tip for your Ipad, Nexus or other tablet.
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Lamy Pen Swift Rollerball Imperial Blue
The innovative design now in deep, royal blue. Featuring a brand new style of design Lamy have created a rollerball pen perfectly balanced without a removable cap. The trick is in the retracting clip....
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Lamy Studio Ballpoint Stainless Steel
Brushed stainless steel for a modern finish. The Studio is a Lamy pen with a balance of clean elegance and modern style. The gently tapering, cigar shaped, body guides the fingers to a balanced writing position without compromising...
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Lamy Studio Black Fountain Pen
Classically Modern, Timeless, Lamy pen. The Lamy Studio features a trim, tapered body with a subtle, rolling curve. The carefully engineered and balanced heft of this Lamy pen is designed to be easy in the hand and smooth to write...
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Lamy Scala Ballpoint Matte Black
The Scala Lamy pen was designed with careful consideration between Lamy and The Sieger Design company, one of the largest design firms in Europe.  Built using a stainless steel body coated...
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