Xikar's unique Xi1, Xi2 and Xi3 style of teardrop cigar cutters were a revolution in guillotine design and they have continued to innovate and improve. Their torch lighters, such as the evocative Xikar Genesis and solid Xikar Enigma lighters, capture the eye and heart of all who use them.

Xikar really is the best thing to happen to cigars since fire.

Xikar 8oz Propylene Glycol - Solution...
XIKAR knows best. When it comes down to it it's this that makes all of the difference. Using only distilled water will let the humidity in your humidor vary anywhere between 35% and 95% depending...
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2OZ Crystal Clear Humidifier Jar
Never worry about your humidor when you're away again. Heading away for work? Going on a holiday? Simply unscrew the lid of this crystal jar and throw it in your humidor to ensure that the humidity...
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Xikar by Boveda 75%rh Humidity Pouch
Two giants in the humidity business, together. The Xixar by Boveda humidity packets use a special blend of super saturated salt solution (try saying that 5 times quickly) to maintain a...
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Humistore 6X10 Humidification bag
XIKAR are the experts when it comes to humidity solutions. Taking some cigars out for a weekend away? Need a temporary solution whilst you reset your humidor? Look no further...
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