Executive Ashtray Can
The original Xikar Ashtray Can gave cigar smokers something they'd always cried out for - the perfect portable ashtray. Now they've improved on the design with classic black leather finishing....
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God of Fire Ashtray Blue
If Prometheus never stole fire from the gods you wouldn't be able to enjoy your cigar. This ceramic ashtray is finished with a detailed rendering of Prometheus Bound, the iconic...
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Prometheus Cloud Ashtray Black
This ashtray is perfect for entertaining friends out on the deck. A nice, deep, bowl collects plenty of ash and it features divots for up to four cigars.  The Prometheus...
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Solo Ashtray Gold + Cigar Rest
The ultimate cigar luxury - coated in a thick layer of 24kt gold. This ashtray was designed by a cigar lover and you can tell from the moment you start to...
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