Carry your cigars like you give a damn.

There's many different schools of thought about how a gentleman should be prepared when bringing cigars to an evening. Some would say a gentleman brings only the best cigars for all, others that a truly educated gentleman should carry a thoughtful selection. And some would suggest that a gentleman need only worry about his own cigars... as surely the other gentlemen there will provide theirs too.

But one thing I'm sure all would agree on is that it doesn't matter which cigars you bring if you pull out a pocketful of broken wrapper leaves.

And that's where a good carrying case comes in.

A cigar is made of three component parts; the filler leaves which give the cigar the flavour. The binder leaf that holds them in the right shape. And the wrapper leaf which finishes the cigar with a beautiful aesthetic. These wrapper leaves are intentionally grown to be particularly delicate and so, if treated roughly, that wrapper leaf will completely fall apart.

A good leather carrying case will make sure you don't damage the wrapper leaves by not only protecting your cigars wrapper but also making sure the cigars you are carrying don't jostle against one another.