The famous notebook used by Van Gogh, Hemingway and Picasso is now available at Devlin's

We are very proud to offer not only a full range of Moleskine Hardcover notebooks but also a range of different journals, including the Passions series in Wine, Beer and Coffee, as well as a selection of Limited Edition items.

Devlin's also present the Moleskine Travel Collection - bags and cases made with the iconic Moleskine design from durable materials. 


Moleskine Gourmet Giftbox
The Moleskine Gift Box Collections indulge your creative passion, presented beautifully and thoughtfully.The Gourmet Gift Box Set is a gastronomists delight! It includes a Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal (130 x...
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Moleskine Passions Journal - Coffee
Moleskine Passions is a range of themed journals for the loves of your life! SPECIFICATIONS - SIZE: 130mm x 210mm- PAGES: 240- STYLE: Themed Journal with dedicated sections and adhesive...
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