Xikar XK1 Single Jet Lighter Silver
The XIKAR XK1 features an angled flame that the company says provides clearer visibility when lighting the cigar, ensuring greater accuracy and avoiding charring the cigar’s wrapper. It features a...
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Siglo Mini Torch Matte Black
The Siglo mini torch lighter is handy and has a large gas tank for gas storage. There's a window for checking the gas fluid level and it comes with a...
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Xikar XO Cutter - Black
The XO is a cutting machine, inspired by timeless design principles. The dual stainless steel blades operate on a patent pending planetary gear system, ensuring the blades open and close...
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Xikar Resource II Pipe Lighter - G2
This pipe lighter has everything you could need. A simple, pull back, ignition lights the soft flame to get your pipe cranking. The angled flame is designed to point down in to the bowl of your pipe as...
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Xikar XI2 Cigar Cutter Bloodstone/Red
Get all the XIKAR innovation at a crazy good price. With the XI2 XIKAR have refined their classic cigar cutter and now present it in an affordable, accessible, model. The XI2 retains all the most important...
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VX Cutter Gunmetal
Get a thick, rich, smoke with this V cigar cutter. The XIKAR V-Cut is an unusual style of cigar cutter that will open up your cigar to a much wider...
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Tech Double Lighter Clear
An oversized fuel tank is perfect for those long cigar trips. Every Tech lighter is a collection of everything you would need in a cigar lighter at an affordable price. The body...
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Xikar Xi3 Cigar Cutter - Phantom Spal...
Go stealth with the Phantom series from XIKAR.  Gloss black blades and a powder coated black body make a sharp contrast with the Spalted Tamarind handles. This unique wood is...
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Xi2 Cutter Carbon Fiber Look
The Carbon Fibre look of this cutter reflects how light and strong it really is. With the XI2 XIKAR have refined their classic cigar cutter and now present it in an affordable, accessible, model....
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Pulsar Triple Lighter - Vintage Bronze
The Pulsar triple jet is one of Xikar's most robust cigar lighters. The diamond triple jet pattern is perfect for lighting those thicker ring gauge cigars like the Robusto or Churchill. The base of this...
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009 Punch Cutter Silver
We'd like to introduce you to your new cigar cutter. The body of this cigar cutter is made from two, balanced, pieces of brass. Pull on the end and the 9mm blade slides...
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009 Punch Cutter Black
A cigar cutter that cuts perfectly every time. The body of this cigar cutter is made from two, balanced, pieces of brass. Pull on the end and the 9mm blade...
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