Forty years of wine perfection.

"The Sommelier glass is the loudspeaker for wine. It communicates to all of our senses." - Maximillian Riedel. 


Riedel have become famous for many things. For their unique decanters such as the Eve Decanter and the alluring Mamba design. But the thing they are most well known for is their unwavering and complete commitment to producing the best wine glass. 


With Sommelier they have reached as close to perfection as is possible. 


This year sees Riedel celebrating the 40th anniversary of the first Sommelier glasses produced in 1973. Professor Claus Riedel was the first glassmaker to examine how the shape and style of a glass affected the flavours of the wine and produce a wine glass that would compliment and match each grape varietal. 


With over twenty years of labour and exhaustive testing the Sommelier range was produced - a unique style which turns every sip in to a celebration of the flavours of the wine.


Every Sommelier wineglass is entirely handmade from a lead crystal, one of the few wineglasses still produced this way, which gives it beautiful colour but more importantly allows the glassblowers to fashion it in to an incredibly thin yet durable glass. 


The large, 30oz, bowl brings out the full depth and complexity of the wine. Allowing it ample space to breath and develop the full range of flavours.

Devlin's are very pleased to carry both the Sommelier Burgundy and Sommelier Bordeau along side the specially released Sommelier vintage port. 

Click below to watch how a Sommelier wineglass is made.

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