U.S. Lifts Cuban Embargo, Davidoff to Distribute Cigars in U.S.

In historical news today U.S. President Barrack Obama announced that the trade embargo with Cuba will be lifted effectively immediately.

"Behind closed doors I have had congress working to pass these changes, we did not want to get the hopes of the American and Cuban people up until it was confirmed" he said in the announcement this morning.

Shortly after the announcement flights began departing from Florida and other areas in the U.S. bound for Havana and, by the afternoon, many of the La Casa Del Habana stores on the island were reporting that they had sold out of many of their cigars.

Worldwide Shortage of Cuban Cigars Imminent

Over in the U.S. a dedicated distribution deal with Davidoff saw the tobacco giant purchase more stock of the, until today, illegal cigars than any other country has before.

This move resulted in a level of panic buying from other countries with even UK Distributors Hunters and Frankau announcing they are unable to get their usual allotment of cigars.

"We just didn't realise the Americans were in to Cuban cigars." a spokesman from Habanos S.A, the group that handles Cuban cigars on the island, said. "This will definitely make it harder to get Cubans for the rest of the world."

In others Cuba/U.S. news the property development arm of the Trump empire have today released plans to build a literal bridge from Miami to Cuba to aid in unrestricted travel between the two countries. 

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