Let's bring classic style back to the workplace.

I've always seen ties as one of the most direct ways of expressing yourself in a corporate world. Sure whilst there are suiting trends these days towards slightly more varied cuts and styles if you look around your office you're going to see that same blank mix of dark blue, grey and black suits. 

How ever ties is where we get a real chance to show off (there's a reason I have 30 + in my collection).

So, with this is mind, Devlin's are pleased and excited to offer 15% off all Patrick McMurray ties for this month. 

Patrick spent several years working with some of the biggest fashion houses in England and he's brought that sense of timeless style and bold colours back with him in his own range. 

Using the best quality Italian silk construction, handmade and woven by skilled hands in England, the Patrick McMurray range of ties really are a luxury item.

So wether you're in to very bold solid shapes or something a little bit more out there Patrick McMurray will have something for you.

Check out the entire collection here.

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