WARNING: Once you attend this class you'll never look at wine glasses the same

These days it's common knowledge that you use a particular sort of glass depending which wine you're drinking. 

Champagne from a flute, Chardonnay from a shallow, wide glass, Shiraz from a more narrow glass, cask wine from a red plastic cup. 

But, we wonder, where did that all come from? The answer is Riedel.

Pioneering the idea that the shape of the glass will alter and improve the flavours of the wine has been the main tenant of the Riedel family for generations and it's their constant testing and refining that has given us the best wine glasses available in this day and age.

On April 16th we will be hosting Mark Baulderstone, managing director of Riedel Australia, as he demonstrates the way the different glassware works. Like at a magic show you will marvel as he transforms the depth and complexity of a shiraz simply by having you move the wine from one glass to another.

And, after the class, your glassware is yours to take home. ($280 worth of glasses!)


Places are strictly limited:


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