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Riedel' s Escargot decanter is exceptional!  It is based on the double aeration effect.  First aeration takes place when your favourite wine is poured into your new Escargot decanter exposing the wine to oxygen.  the second contact with oxygen is made when the wine is pouredout of the Escargot decanter into your Riedel glass.  The decanter design means fresh air is forced through the already decanted wine a second time to fill the air space in the decanter.  This creates a bubbling gurgle when the air is forced through the neck of the Escargot decanter.

Height: 150mm   I   Volume: 1400ccm   I   Price: $269.95


The visually powerful Flirt decanter, designed by Riedel's master glass blowers is thoughtfully designed for an effortless     hold.  A thumb-sized print is found at the base of the decanter to offer ergonomic pouring.  The statuesque decanter sits 13-3/4 inches tall at an angle commanding the attention of the room.  Both the Flirt and Mamba holds a standard 750ML bottle of wine and are the perfect accessories for an elegant affair or an impressive gift for wine lovers. 

Height 350mm   I   Volume: 1760ccm   I   Price: $269.95


The alluring Mamba, the latest design by Maximilian J. Riedel, is redolent of a sleek mamba snake.  As the wine flows through every bend it is double-decanted, "opening up" upon entering the decanter, achieving what would take hours of decanting in a typical bowl-shaped carafe.  Following the serpentine Eve decanter (2008), the Mamba channels the vigor of the famous Black Mamba, the worlds fastest snake.  Mirroring the snake's poised upright stance, the Mamba's coiled base creates a series of air pockets which "charge" the wine as it moves towards the elegant upright neck upon pouring.  While the wine makes its journey through the curvaceous glass, the Mamba emits a gurgle - an aural reminder of the decanting accomplished by the force of the wine passing through the vacuum created in the Mamba's base.

Price: $799.95


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