Boveda Wood Holder - 4 Packets

Boveda Wood Holder - 4 Packets


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Elegant Cedar Wooden Holder for Quad Boveda Humidification Packs

Expertly crafted from premium cedar wood, this holder is designed to perfectly accommodate four Boveda Humidification Packets, with two on each side. Its natural wood finish not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your humidor but also complements the primary function of the Boveda packs by maintaining an optimal environment for your cigars.

Easy and Secure Attachment

The Wooden Holder for 4 Boveda Humidification Packets comes with two magnetic strips, ensuring a sturdy and seamless attachment both to the holder and the interior of your humidor. This design not only simplifies installation but also ensures your prized cigars remain fresh and flavorful. The combination of the cedar wood and the Boveda packs guarantees a harmonious balance of aesthetics, functionality, and premium cigar preservation.