Boveda 75% / 320g Packet

Boveda 75% / 320g Packet


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BOVEDA Two-way Humidity Control provides hassle-free maintenance for ALL size humidors. Within an enclosed container, BOVEDA Two-way Humidity Control monitors the ambient RH (relative humidity) and adds or removes moisture to maintain the specific RH engineered into the pack. Since it’s impossible to humidify beyond the RH on the pack, it’s impossible to use “too much”. 

Every BOVEDA Two-way Humidity Control RH is accurate to +/- 1% in an airtight environment, which humidors are not. It’s common that the actual RH of your humidor will stabilize up to 5 points lower than the BOVEDA Two-way Humidity Control RH you’re using, due to humidor quality and ambient dryness. That’s why we offer seven different RH levels: 58, 62, 65, 69, 72, 75 and 84 percent, so you can use the RH that achieves the humidity you prefer. 

Easy to use, simply unwrap and place the correct number of packets in your humidor and you're ready to go -never guess if or when to refill your humidifier again. 


  • Monitors ambient humidity by adding or removing moisture to maintain the RH engineered into the pack to an accuracy of +/- 1% 
  • Will not humidify beyond the RH on the packet, it’s impossible to use “too much” 
  • Reverse osmosis inhibits the passage of impurities, ensuring that only clean, pure water-vapor passes through the membrane into your humidor 
  • Maintenance free, no need to monitor or refill a humidifier. Simply replace the packet when it becomes firm.