Stinky Tall 4 Stirrup Ashtray Hammered Copper

Stinky Tall 4 Stirrup Ashtray Hammered Copper


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- VINTAGE ASHTRAY: Elevate your smoking experience with this antique hammered copper cigar ashtray, boasting a unique and stylish design that adds a touch of vintage charm to your space.

- WINDPROOF: Enjoy your cigars outdoors without worrying about ashes and debris flying away. Our windproof ashtray, featuring an 8-inch diameter bowl that's 4.25 inches deep, ensures a secure and contained smoking environment.

- FOUR STIRRUPS: Constructed with four stirrups, this tall stinky cigar copper ashtray provides a convenient and practical solution for cigar enthusiasts, allowing you to keep multiple cigars within easy reach while socializing or relaxing.