Riedel Escargot Decanter

Riedel Escargot Decanter


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This unique decanter aerates your wine on the way in AND out.

Riedel decanters are designed to achieve maximum aeration combined with stylish and eye catching aesthetics. The Escargot decanter aerates your wine not once but TWICE.

Holding the decanter vertically when pouring, the wine flows around the indented bowl and is allowed to mature in the traditional fashion. The second aeration occurs when you pour the wine from the decanter. The bent stem creates an air pocket - forcing air through the wine to fill the empty space.

The decanter should be lifted from a horizontal to vertical position to fill the decanter, and wine should be poured slowly against the inside of the glass for full aeration.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the hand-crafting, small tolerances in the size and weight of each decanter, tiny bubbles, slight imperfections and surface variations, are a feature and acceptable part of the process.

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