Peterson Avoca Leather 141 3 Pipe & Tobacco Pouch

Peterson Avoca Leather 141 3 Pipe & Tobacco Pouch


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For some smokers, a single pipe is their cherished companion, meticulously cared for and smoked with devotion. However, others prefer to maintain a diverse collection. For those in the latter category, a multi-pipe bag proves indispensable. Designed to hold all the essentials in one convenient place, these bags are a practical solution.

Crafted from the finest dark grey lamb nappa, with an elegant green leather interior, this 3-pipe bag offers both style and functionality. It accommodates three medium-sized pipes, along with two pockets for filters, pipe cleaners, and lighters. Additionally, it features a detachable tobacco pouch and a hand compartment suitable for a pipe knife or a small lighter.

Beyond convenience, the multi-pipe bag serves several purposes. It keeps pockets clean from ash (a reminder to always empty your pipe after use), prevents pipes from gathering lint or debris, and offers protection against the elements. Whether for organization, cleanliness, or added safeguarding, this bag proves invaluable to the discerning pipe smoker.