Lamy T10 Ink Cartridge Neon Lime

Lamy T10 Ink Cartridge Neon Lime


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The Lamy T10 is as well designed as the pen it sits inside.

The T10 holds 1.2mls of ink inside your Lamy pen, enough to write for 1200 kilometres. Each cartridge is specifically crafted to keep the ink liquid and the colour balanced

The T10 also features a unique "back up reservoir" in the tip. When your ink runs out simply unscrew the pen and flick the end of the cartridge. This will crack open the reserve and give you enough ink to finish your day.

Compatible for use in the following fountain pens :

Lamy AL-star

Lamy safari

Lamy abc

Lamy joy

Lamy nexx

Lamy logo

Lamy linea

Lamy cp 1

Lamy dialog 3

Made in Germany using the highest quality dyes.