Lamy Studio Black Coat Roller Ball

Lamy Studio Black Coat Roller Ball


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Engineered aesthetics, stylish and simple.

The Lamy Studio features a trim, tapered body with a subtle, rolling curve. The carefully engineered and balanced heft of this Lamy pen is designed to be easy in the hand and smooth to write with. The simple beauty of this pen is enhanced in the clip. Beginning flat and then developing a twist to end with a vertical paddle. Reminiscent of a helicopter blade the clip of this Lamy pen features their unique spring based steel to stop it bending out of shape over time. 

A multi-layered, matte black lacquered steel body and cap contrasts with high-gloss chromed section, nose, clip and accents to create a refined aesthetic.

Studio rollerball uses Lamy M63 rollerball refills. Comes supplied with a Black / Medium refill.