Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Gloss White

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen Gloss White


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White, no frills, just a straight up perfect fountain pen.

Wether you're buying this for the new student of calligraphy, an old friend who loves their fountain pens or someone who is just beginning their journey in to typography this Lamy pen makes the perfect gift.

The body is crafted from a light weightdurable, material with the guided "grip points" to help to ensure the pen is held correctly, with the nib positioned against the page, whilst ensuring maximum comfort. The body features a wide view window in the side to give a clear indicator of how much ink remains in the cartridge. This serves the secondary purpose of stopping the pen rolling off your table when it is capped.

Created from gloss ABS plastic - a material known for it's resilience and lightweight durability it is available in a spectrum of intense colours.

Safari fountain pen uses Lamy T10 ink cartridges / Z24 converter for use with bottled ink.