Lamy Black Stainless Steel Nib Beginner MK

Lamy Black Stainless Steel Nib Beginner MK


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Lamy Black, Stainless steel nibs. Add a point of difference to your favourite fountain pen.

Rounded shape delivers a uniform, even writing line.


EF (extra fine)

F (fine) M (medium)

B (broad)

LH (left-handed, medium)

MK (beginners)

OM (oblique medium)

OB (oblique broad)

NOTES LH Lamy make special left-handed nibs specifically designed for left hand use and these are different to Lamy oblique nibs.

The LH nib angle allows the nib to be pushed or dragged across the paper without digging in like normal nibs do.

OB Designed to accomodate a rotated writing position, Lamy oblique nibs are angled specifically so that the nib contacts with the paper at the correct angle. MK Lamy 'beginner's nib' is ball-tipped to be more forgiving to nib rotation and angle.

All Lamy nibs are factory tested so it is not uncommon for ink to be present on a brand new item.