Lamy Al-Star Vibrant Pink Rollerball L.E. 2018

Lamy Al-Star Vibrant Pink Rollerball L.E. 2018


Every year, one of the most anticipated releases is the Lamy AL-Star pens and accompanying limited edition inks. It is an absolute frenzy, especially since over the last few years, there has been more interest in both the pens and the inks than there has been available supply.

Introducing (drum roll please) The Lamy Al-Star Vibrant Pink...

The Lamy Vibrant Pink is not the candy coloured pink you might suspect. The aluminium body of the Al-Star produces a range of colours. From a deep raspberry when its cast in shadow to a bright, hot pink when it reflects the most light. 

Overall, the effect in person is a bit deeper and richer than the name suggests.