Bellroy Travel Wallet Caramel - Premium Leather Wallet with RFID

Bellroy Travel Wallet Caramel - Premium Leather Wallet with RFID


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Bellroy's slim design style applied to a complete travel companion. Extra long pockets hold all international currencies (and your boarding pass), slots for your 4 primary cards along one side and, on the other, a sleeve holds your passport for easy access.

Inside you'll find extra pockets for cards and, tucked in to the fold,  the Bellroy travel pen for filling out those pesky customs cards.

Made from premium, vegetable tanned leather, with an RFID lining that protects the sensitive info on your passport chip and credit cards.

Imagine being in transit through the airport and not having to search through a bag for your passport.

Sitting on the plane and knowing exactly where your pen is for your customs card.

Having literally everything you need all in your back pocket. 
That's the dream and, with the Bellroy Travel Wallet, it's the reality.

The best thing? With Bellroy's focus on super slim design all that stuff will still be thinner than a conventional wallet!

Check the video below for all the details.


  • Sections for passport, tickets & notes
  • 4 quick access card slots (+ 2 extra slots)
  • Micro travel pen with refills
  • Size: 14.5 X 9.5cm (holds 8+ cards)