Riedel Sommeliers Wine Glass - The "Blind Blind" Tasting Glass

Riedel Sommeliers Wine Glass - The "Blind Blind" Tasting Glass


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The Sommelier Blind Blind Tasting Glass is more than just the name suggests.

Yes, it is perfect for running your own tastings at home. Hand blown in Austria using a lead crystal imbued with an incredible black blue colour the glass hides all the aspects of the wine except for the flavour. Not even colour is a factor so you are truly only tasting the wine.

But also the Blind Blind Tasting Glass becomes a core part of any wine aficionado's glass collection. Because this glass is a Sommelier glass designed for all wine varietals.

Based upon the original Chianti shape Riedel have created this glass to be, rather than varietal specific, a glass to best taste a full range of wines - both red and white!


History of the Sommelier range:
Claus J Riedel was the first designer to suggest that it was the shape of the glass that played such a pivotal role in the flavour of the wine. More than 50 years in the making the Sommelier range of Riedel glasses is the pinacle of this design philosophy. 

Each glass is hand blown from the finest quality lead crystal - using techniques that are as old as glass itself the glassblowers create wafer thin bowls with precisely tailored depths, widths and rims.