Riedel O Cabernet/Merlot Gift Pack 4 Glasses plus Decanter

Riedel O Cabernet/Merlot Gift Pack 4 Glasses plus Decanter


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The ultimate starter set for red wine lovers this box set contains 4 of Riedel's famous stemless glasses in their Cabernet/Merlot varietal plus the classically styled Riedel O decanter.

Rarely do you find the combination of science and style together like you do in Riedel's stemless (as they call them the 'O Series') glasses.

Each glass is designed and refined through hundreds of changes to deliver the absolute best flavour for your wine. During this testing Maximillian Riedel realised the stem was not necessary - so he cut it right off!

You'll love the way the decanter opens up the aromatics in your wine. Instantly converting a bottle of wine in to a drinking experience that's worth sharing with friends!

And let's not forget the value - just the O glasses alone are worth close to $100 and you're getting 4 of them plus a decanter for less than $130.

 This set is great if you're: 

  • Looking for a gift for a wine lover. Next housewarming don't take a bottle of wine - take the glasses they'll use for every bottle after.

  • After a great value set to start (or bolster) your wine glass collection.

All Riedel glasses in this set are machine made, lead crystal and dishwasher safe.

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