Pick up your cigar and hold it your hand. Point it slightly downward.

Start your flame, either a long wooden match or a butane torch or similar lighter. Don't use paper matches (don't burn long enough), a fluid-type lighter (leaves an unpleasant taste), or candles (bad taste too).

Make sure your flame is kind of low, between _" and _" to avoid an arson charge.

Now position the flame about a _" below your slightly angled cigar, making sure that the flame doesn't actually touch the cigar. The cigar is nowhere near your mouth at this point. You're still holding it.

Without touching flame to tobacco, light the edge of the cigar (the rim). Eventually the binder will light. You'll know because wisps of bluish smoke will start to float up.

Now, ever so slowly, turn your cigar a notch to the next logical point on the rim. Wait for the binder to catch. Keep doing this process until the entire rim turns grey, sort of like roasting a marshmallow.

Once the rim has been lit all around, blow gently on the face of the cigar to get it to burn evenly. Blow so the heat goes towards the centre of the face. This could take 30 seconds or longer.

Once the face is completely grey, bring the unlit end to your lips, but don't inhale! Blow out softly through the cigar instead, clearing it of the occasional sooty taste.

Remember to invest in a good butane lighter; its gas is odourless and tasteless to ensure your cigar is lit with the flavours of the cigar left in tact.

You can’t light what is already dead, so be sure to completely ash off your cigar if it happens to go out before attempting to relight it.