Riedel Pay 3 Get 4 Vinum XL Riesling

Riedel Pay 3 Get 4 Vinum XL Riesling


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The Grand Cru Vinum XL turns wine drinking in to a theatrical experience.

The long, fluted, taper of this wing glass helps to truly draw out the unique flavours of the Riesling. The fruity and mineral aromatics combine with a delicate texture to optimise the drinker's impression of the wine.

The Vinum XL range of Riedel glasses add theatre and flare to your dining experience. Enjoy rich, bold wines and heady cocktails using these large bowled wine glasses. The large bowl allows the wine to breathe and reach it's true flavour potential

Drink wine like a sommelier without the price tag.  

Pay for 3 glasses and you get the 4th for free!