Xikar Humifan Black

Xikar Humifan Black


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Xikar have always been at the forefront of the cigar accessory business, starting with their Xi cutter range, and now with their brand new Xikar Humifan.

The ideal is simple, this small battery powered, fan circulates the humid air through your humidor to make sure it is evenly distributed. But the tech is surprisingly complex - they needed to create a system that would last in a humid environment and function the same regardless of how full your humidor is.

Their answer? A cleverly designed rectangular system with an extra large intake sucks in the humid air from the bottom of your humidor whilst a small, rectangular, outlet pushes it back up and over the top of your cigars.

The intake is large enough that even when your humidor is packed with cigars up against the intake it will still function without the system taking up too much prime real estate.

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