Xi3 Cutter G2 Engine Fin

Xi3 Cutter G2 Engine Fin


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The Xi3 cigar cutter is Xikar's top of the range product. Improving on the already perfect design of the Xi1 and Xi2 cutter proved to be impossible; with the Xi3 cigar cutter XIKAR looked to the beauty and aesthetics of their product. 

The handles of this cigar cutter adorn the stainless steel body with beech wood farmed from the Canadian mountains. This beautiful, pale wood has a delicate fine grain and modular pattern which makes each cigar cutter unique and a work of art.

The stainless steel blades (hardened to a Rockwell rating of 57C) pop open on reinforced springs when the button is pulled down and lock securely in place inside the cigar cutter after every slice.

Every XI XIKAR cigar cutter is the same size - they will cut up to a 58 ring gauge cigar without any issues.

Every Xikar cigar cutter comes protected by their lifetime, no questions asked, warranty.