Riedel O Oaked Chardonnay 2 Pack

Riedel O Oaked Chardonnay 2 Pack


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These extra wide Chardonnay Riedel Glasses really opens up the flavours. Stemless for style and functionality.

The 'O' Series of Riedel glasses are a modern take on the classic and refined Riedel product. 

Stemless these wine glasses focus on the true importance of the shape of the bowl - each is grape varietal specific and will give you a brand new drinking experience. The stemless design is a point of difference and is sure to get your guests talking (if not then the wine certainly will!). 

All 'O' Series Riedel Glasses are lead crystal, machine made and dishwasher safe.

Find out more about Riedel Glasses on www.riedel.com