Prometheus Octagon Humidor Rosewood 50 Stick

Prometheus Octagon Humidor Rosewood 50 Stick


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The Prometheus Octagon series of high quality humidors will ensure perfect humidity control to keep your precious cigars safe. Made from high quality Spanish Cedar these humidors, unlike many, are solid cedar rather than simply cedar lined. Each one is meticulously crafted to ensure the the joints and seals line up perfectly - necessary when you want to regulate the climate inside. 

A humidor is not just a necessary piece of equipment for any cigar enthusiast, they are also a piece of furniture. The Octagon Series are finished with beautiful woods such as Milano Ebony and Rosewood and the angled corners, rather than the traditional cube shape, make it a true statement piece.

Each humidor also comes pre-fitted with a digital hygrometer and humidifier

- Solid Spanish Cedar Humidor

- High Quality Manufacturing

- Digital Hygrometer

- Humidifying Unit