Prometheus Magma LE Sencillo

Prometheus Magma LE Sencillo


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Who'd have thought such a big lighter could be so subtle??

Every cigar lover needs at least two lighters: one to slip into your pocket, and a table model that holds plenty of fuel and cannot easily be lost between scotch bottles.

The Prometheus Magma T ($79.95) was designed to fill the latter need but it is much more than an ordinary table lighter.

Flip open the top, squeeze the large trigger on the side, and the Magma Ts triple torch flames leap to life, delivering sufficient heat to light even 60-ring-gauge cigars in seconds.

The bottom cover incorporates two bullseye punches, in a standard -inch size (7 mm) and an extra-large 3/8-inch size (10.5 mm) perfect for the big cigars I prefer. Both cutters close onto posts that push out the cut cigar end, so you do not have to go looking for a toothpick to unclog the cutters.