Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen Palladium

Lamy Dialog 3 Fountain Pen Palladium


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The third, and final, in the Dialog series the Dialog 3 reimagines the fountain pen in it's first ever retractable form

Created by Swiss designer Franco Clivio a precisely engineered ball valve folds over and protects the 14K gold nib when it is retracted in to the pen. Lamy's unique, retracting, clip design (Seen on the Dialog 2 Lamy pen) sinks in to the body of the pen when the nib is out to ensure that you never ruin another shirt by tucking an inky fountain pen in to your pocket. 

The body is an all metal construction, free of ornamentation to let the soft, matte, palladium coating really shine. The nib is silver plated, 14-carat gold with a precision gold strip along the tine. Comes fitted with Medium grade (other grades subject to availability) and blue/black ink.

Dialog 3 uses Lamy Pen T10 cartridges (Z26 converter option available to make this Lamy pen compatible with bottled ink.)