Ultra Cutter/Lighter Gift Pack Gunmetal

Ultra Cutter/Lighter Gift Pack Gunmetal


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Magnetically adhered together you'll never be without a cigar cutter or cigar lighter.

XIKAR have built a reputation on the tear drop shaped cigar cutter being the best. So you know when they release a new cigar cutter without the iconic shape that it has gone through the strictest quality and design checks possible.

Measuring in at only 3.5mm, as thick as two credit cards, this cigar cutter's double guillotine action will cleanly and precisely cut through a cigar up to 64 ring gauge.

Combined with the Ultraslim cigar cutter is the Ultra cigar lighter. One of XIKAR's slimmest products to date the stripped back aesthetic of the Ultra is clean and elegant. The cigar lighter also magnetically adheres directly to your cigar cutter so the two will never get separated.

Always be prepared for those cigar moments.

Every Xikar Cigar Lighter and Cigar Cutter comes with their lifetime, no questions, warranty.