Traveler's Notebook Passport Caramel

Traveler's Notebook Passport Caramel



The Traveler's Notebook (originally called the Midori Traveler's Notebook) is a system of journals wrapped in a piece of thick leather.

Meticulously beautiful in only the way a Japanese product can be - the multiple inserts and refills let you create, and customise, the perfect notebook for your use. 


Falling in love with the Traveler's Notebook is a sudden and instant thing, for me it happened in a craft store in Osaka. For you it can happen the second you handle the beautiful leather cover, when you open it to admire the tactile paper.

But the Traveler's Notebook holds your love as you use it. That leather cover develops and changes with every adventure.

Every person's Traveler's Notebook tells a story of where you were in a hundred unique moments. 

For me it meant replacing the elastic with one from a bento box in Kobe, tying a metallic bead to the page marker. But what it means for you you'll have to find out over time.

Each Traveler's Notebook set comes packaged in an outer sleeve, within is a cotton bag protecting your new Traveler's Notebook with a replacement elastic and a blank refill.